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road about four years ago this woman's household income was cut in half. >> the bank told me they cannot help me them had to file so we stopped the process, went through the process with the bank only with them trying to foreclose on use she got a $200,000 reduction in principle and a $700 reduction in payment. she's so happy that she brought two friends to get help today. >> come early. get in line. if you come on the last two, three days, you don't come early you're not going to be seen. >> are you sure you're not on payroll. >> i'm just excited about getting my loan modification its free for the homeowner. >> we get paid by lenders never from homeowners. homeowner never pays anything. ever. >> it sounds too good to be
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true. >> it's a question people should ask. >> they get paid by the lender after the homeowner made three successful mortgage payments. this event will be going on here at the convention center today through monday from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. and you can find a link on our web site. you do not have to be facing foreclosure to find help. you can get a loan if you're a first time buyer and also people lost their home might be able to help you get it back or up to $125,000 back. >> police are looking for a man who beat a union station algt. this is an agent that he then
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began kicking and punching him in the head. muni says the agent was following the man because he did not pay his fare. the agent is unable to return to work. >> search on in oakland. this is for the killer of a for owner on international boulevard. 50-year-old wilbur bartly was gunned down locking up his store last night. he was the owner of a metro pcs store. his aughter can't understand why its a powerful loss for someone who had been such a great person that never did wrong that was really corny and funny, had no problem in sharing his life and experiences and leading by example. >> a $10,000 reward sk offered to find the killer. >> san francisco police are deploying more officers to the mission district after a spike in violence. police say there have been reports of gunfire in the past
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couple weeks. police have bow gun to crack down. today supervisor announced 12 people have been arrested police seized five guns since monday. they're working to offer job opportunities to provide an alternative to the gang life style. >> now, efforts to clean up from super storm, sandy. nearly five million homes and businesses are still without power. long lines as people try to catch buses into manhattan. coned yi ton says it's on track to restore power by saturday. he he says recovery is just going to take time.
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>> it's going to have to work out some procedures to make sure people can get food. some will have electricity back. they'll be back to normal situations. >> in new jersey national guardsmen rescued people still trapped. there are homes, piers and baurd board walks utterly wrecked. all three of the major new york area airports are open again but with limited service. first plane the storm hit landed at la guardia airport this morning. 20,000 flights were cancelled here at san francisco international airport the duty manager says flights are finally back to normal. he says there is no backlog of people travel together east coast at this point. and no need now for extra flights. >> members of a strike team
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being regarded as heroes for evacuating maternity ward. nurses clutching weeks-old babies using plastic bags as respirators. 20 maybes and mothers had to be carried down several flights of stairs.. >> you can hear winds howling. waits strong. >> we've learned the crew is a strike team from san joaquin county that will get a warm welcome when they come home, there are reports of businesses offering them free meals. the walt disney company is donating $2 million to the relief efforts. >> and our hearts go out to millions of people whose lives have been turned upside down. we're doing everything we can and encouraging our employees to donate on our own. >> and to help people affected by hurricane sandy you can
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text red cross to 90999 to donate $10. and you can go to our web site for a link to the red cross web site. >> election day is almost here. a record number of mail in ballots is expected. that creates a challenge for vote counters. >> officials expecting as many as half voters will be voting by mail, setting up what could be drama. >> a surge of ballot arrived at offices all over california. the number of california voters casting in ballots this year is suspected to surpass the last election in 2008. that sounds great with more
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people participating because of the ballots, the down side is that it could take longer to count. we might not know results for days and maybe weeks. >> what is in best interest for to us get results right. not fast. but right. >> about nine million ballots have been sent out. counties take time to interpret voter intent. one of the prime activities of verying it matches the signature on the card. and a couple days until election day, teal yeahing the tally. >> and so they don't get processed. you know? until that night. perhaps the following day or
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day after. >> in those tight races like the proposition 30 governor brown's measure to boost funding to public education, this election can be a nail biter. >> and we're going get funds for schools. >> and the state of california says it depends on our feature. >> in june we did not know results of the tax for two weeks. and lost by less than 1%. >> sorry, thank you very much. >> and a new poll shows public support for governor brown's tax measure remains below 50%, just five days where the election. the poll shows prop 30 has 48% support from likely voters. 38% opposed. director of the poll says there appears to be enough undecided voters to swing prop 30 to a victory on election day.
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coming up governor brown visit san francisco to drum up support from those still undecided on how they'll vote. >> well, there is makeup work to do for students in san francisco public schools. rourdz indicate plenty of students turned out. that is compared to raft week, middle school attendance down about 11%. grade schoolers down about three and a half percent. a chance to see history. >> it's right. >> and still to come good and bad of the california commute. why you can -- where you can find the best drivers in the nation. >> sergio romo struck a pose making a statement with the tee shirt he wore during world series celebrations yesterday. we're going to take a look at other statements he has worn on hoiz sleeve throughout the years.
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>> i'm sandhya patel. warm fall weather is in the fblgt. we'll preview temperatures coming up. >> and mileage perks some airline travelers will get if
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marin county sheriff is investigating the death of an infant in a san rafael day care center. the 4-year-old found unresponsive a week ago tuesday. firefighters rushed the boy to the hospital. he was pronounced dead. the owner says the told investigators the infant went to sleep and never woke up
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thousands of nurses off the job for a strike. some 3200 nurses who work at 600 hospitals walked ticket lines. sutter hospitals are using replacement nurses during the walkout. >> people on the lookout for an injured deer shot by an arrow. the doe is wandering around with part of the arrow stuck in the torso. california department of fish and game says it is illegal to shoot deer inability up areas like berkeley. hunting season is august through september. anyone spotting the deer should call fish and game immediately. >> oh, goodness. >> this feels like friday used to begin after thanksgiving. now, the biggest retailer
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offering holiday deals. >> starting after easter. >> start your engines. race is on to earn your business this holiday season. today opened what it called black friday deals store promising door buster deals every day on gifts ranging from electronics and toys. ama son says this is a countdown to the real black friday. other retailers are promising to match or beat offers you find on amazon or anywhere else. it's not often airlines get come employments from passengers. super storm sandy cancelled
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flights, carriers notified customers ahead of time and used the internet to deliver quick updates. jet blue blogged about the conditions. carriers quick to waive fees for changing flights. united is going a step further rewarding passenger who's help out victims of the super storm. united says it will give bonus miles to customer who's donate money to efforts. customers can give to red cross. donations of $50 to $99 will earn 250 bonus miles. i've posted all of the information you need to get in on this. >> very nice. >> thank you. >> right now in nashville
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crews putting touches on the stage for the country music association awards. tailor swift is up for entertainment of the year, female vocalist of the year and musical event of the year. brad paysly hosts the c dm. ma awards tonight at 8:00. >> that is very exciting. >> it is. >> do you know what? i would probably shatter windows here. i will tell you what the forecast is going to be. get ready for nice, sunny skies. here is a view from our camera. we look out towards the west there, you can see sunshine. and clouds.
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you can see low clouds there that will play into the forecast. i asked people are they ready for warmer weather? joanne said no. love the rain last fight. here is what is left of the moisture. sprinkles about an hour ago around monterey. you can see here things have quieted down. dry. we did have rain this morning. most of this is shipping off east and south. temperatures now 59 in half moon bay. 68 degrees in antioch. highs into low 0s to low 70s. partly sunny skies tomorrow. they're going to climb heading
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into monday. tomorrow morning fog across the bay area. so temperatures into upper 40s to midz 50s. high pressure is now starting to take control of the weather. so it's dry for your friday. and dry beyond that. what is going to happen is that there is a large storm here going to steer north going to run into the ridge of high pressure. it's the only thing it will do for us. heading into tomorrow but that front does fall apart. low clouds that start off saturday morning will dissipate. the sun will be out. warmer temperatures into sunday and monday. 68 san jose.
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santa clara. 67 menlo park. uniformed numbers here. downtown san francisco 65 degrees. close to today's temperatures north bay communities low 70s around yu kaia clear lake. 67 in oak reasoned. inland communities going to be beautiful. 70 in fairfield. livermore 70 degrees. around the bay 63 degrees in carmel. accu-weather forecast, mid-60s to mid-70s saturday. upper 60s to upper 70s sunday. check out when warmth peeks -- peaks on monday. low 70s coast. warmer than average conditions. this weekend, sunday morning time changes. we fall back an hour.
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we'll have beautiful weather to enjoy this weekend. >> thank you. >> californians are more likely to carpool than average american workers but commute is about three minutes longer. california watch cites data showing 11% carpool. 5% use public transportation. >> are you probably heard the name serge yes romo. the giants pitcher finished off detroit tigers but we got more attention. the shirt said i just look illegal. leanne? >> before romo wore that tee shirt the company that makes them had sold only 40 in two years. this morning they told me they had sold 200 and calls still
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coming in. this is the $12 tree shirt created a huge buzz. relief pitcher sergio romo wore the "i just look illegal" tee shirt during the parade. wiki tease told us today they can't seem to make enough of them. >> that is the first time my generation felt we were not part of the fabric. >> the tee shirt is a political statement and he others can relate to. >> if you look a certain way have you to show your papers. that is something bringing that to light focus on just because someone looks a way doesn't mean they're undocumented. >> momo was raised near the border. he was not shy about displaying the tee shirt with fans watching. abc 7 news received comments
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bit on our page. one person wrote not a shirt to wear to a world series parade. keep politics out of the team celebration. >> he allow immediate to take a picture, he lifted up his practice jersey this photographer took pictures of romo dufring giants fan fest. that is when he showed the baseball cap. he also wrote proud in who i am. she got to see his super beaner tee shirt. >> i won't say he fully embraces it but does acknowledge it's been used by... doesn't make it so serious. he just uses in in what he's trying to get across. >> romo is a hometown hero. he will attend a high school baseball game in his honor.
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>> thank you. >> coming up next the california surfer attacked by a shark this week describes how he fought back. >> that is coming up. then at 6:00 a man representing a possible conflict in the san francisco sheriff's department. like his boss. he's up on a domestic violence charge
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incredible story here, two california surfers say they survived separate shark tacks by biting back. >> one is scott sieve stevens now recovering after undergoing surgery to close a bite wound. >> he was surfing two days ago. the shark pulled him underwater. the 25-year-old believes it was a great white. >> is what the board looked like. >> he pinned me under and shook me. came out of nowhere. and i punched the shark on the side of the head a couple times. until it released me. >> the punch saved this woman. she says she was attacked by a 12 foot tiger shark off maui this week. >> she says marshal arts training prepared her, she punched the shark twice and got away.
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>> coming up giants lucky monkey named after a world
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coming up in 30 minutes at
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6:00 the story of a woman whose live has been taken over by a public guardian. the police were called. michael finney tracks down a bay area retail twror find out why several customers hadn't received furniture they paid for more than a year ago. and what film maker george lucas has planned for billins he's about to get from disney. >> thank you very much. >> san francisco zoo lucky monkey has been named in honor of... giants relief serge yes sergio romo. >> saying it owens yided with the birth of the monkey. >> included posey after catcher buster posey and scutero. >> romo clinched a win for the giants they nided

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